Social Enterprise

Socially Oriented Seed Company

“La Semillería”

Currently, there are no local, certified organic, and open-pollinated seed options on the Argentine market.  Most organic farmers are forced to turn to conventional, in most cases chemically-treated, seeds.  More and more farmers are producing seeds themselves to sell or exchange them at farmer’s markets or seed fairs.  These, however, are yet unreliable due to the lack of awareness of the technical aspects of seed production.  In order for the organic movement to take off, it must begin with good quality, organic seed, and the Seed Company envisions itself as a player to nourish the growth of the movement.

Aims and Objectives:

The Company will be established as a social enterprise aimed at applying the market mechanism to expand the circulation of organic and biodynamic seed.  It shares the same mission as the Seed Initiative itself and will play a key role in making the Initiative financially viable.  The Company, in close collaboration with AABDA, will be another protagonist in promoting and sustaining the Seed Grower Network.  It proposes to help the Network by contributing to Microfinancing Funds (see Project) to support the base of seed producers that form the Growers Network.  The Company aims also to help regional groups within the Network acquire tools and machines that help with seed harvest and processing.  It would then contract seed production to growers who it trusts (for example, those who have participated in the seed production training), and that are located where the seed is most suitably grown.  A contracted crop provides many farmers with an assured income, since they are guaranteed that the crop will be bought up in its entirety.  At the same time, the Company will play an important role in catalyzing the development and maintenance of open-pollinated varieties, committing to their circulation and maintenance breeding.  Together with AABDA, the Research Farm, and Breeders, it will maintain the varieties for commercialization necessary to uphold its registration with the Seed Authorities.

In practice, the Company plans to invest in tools for an extensive seed cleaning workshop.  The seed bought from the Producer Network will be cleaned to the point of a high-quality, market product, then packaged, and commercialized by the Company.  It hopes to work in close collaboration with the Research Farm to further cultivation trials of varieties that enter into the Initiative.

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