Overview of Initiative:

As a consequence of the environmental and social disasters of industrial agriculture in Argentina, consciousness is developing about new models of agriculture that put the dialogue back into the hands of the farmer.  Towns are beginning to declare green belts free of chemical agriculture and direct channels of communication and marketing between farmers and consumers are being explored. Practical solutions are needed to show that organic agriculture is possible and effective in the new spaces that arise.  The strength of farmers and gardeners begins with the seed in their hand…

Where and who will implement this Initiative?

The Initiative will grow out of the Argentine Biodynamic Association (AABDA = Asociación para la Agricultura Biológico-dinámica de Argentina) through its existing organ known as the “Seed Commission”.  Its members are spread throughout Argentina in different climates and soils.  They will form the initial Core Group, participating as teachers and stewards of a new generation of seed producers who will be trained through the Initiative’s training program and form a Seed Growers Network.  A company will be established to work alongside the Network, to leverage the commercialization of the seeds produced.  The collaborative work between the Grower’s Network, AABDA, and the Seed Company, is what makes up the Initiative.  A description of the individual projects that will make up the work of these actors can be found in the “Projects” Menu.

When will the Initiative begin and how will it develop over time?

Prelaunch (March-June, 2018):

  • In April, 2018, presentation of the Seed Initiative at AABDA’s annual gathering and general assembly by the Coordinator, and further discussion of implementation of the Project.

Year 1 (2018-19):  “Establish the foundations”

  • Begin training in biodynamic seed production (2-year training), by end of 2018
  • Carry out variety trials (local from state seed bank, and international)
  • Establishment of the Seed Company

Year 2 (2019-20): “Strengthen the Network”

  • Continue variety trials
  • Seed Company and Core Group begin production of seed and base seed for multiplication
  • Continue training

Year 3 (2020-21) and Onward: “Expand the Base of Seed Production and Use”, “Grow the Movement”

  • Completion of first group of Seed Growers and their integration in the Seed Grower Network. Begin expansion of seed production base by contracting out seed production to Network.
  • Final report of variety trials research.
  • Begin microfinance project for capitalization of specialty tools for the Seed Grower Network
  • Begin participative certification of seed produced from the Network
  • Seed Company scales up commercialization efforts
  • Conference on Latin American Agroecological Seed Initiatives to strengthen Latin American network (2021?)