About the members of the Coordinating Group of the Seed Initiative:

Alex Edleson (Coordinator) Graduated Bachelors in “Spirituality and Sustainability Studies” in 2004 at Swarthmore College, United States.  In Argentina, co-founder in 2009 and farmer until 2015 for Argentina’s first biodynamic community-supported farm (CSA) in Patagonia. Completed Waldorf Teacher Training in 2013. Member of Seed Guardians group of Patagonia associated to the Seed Freedom Network. Completed 2-year training in biodynamic plant breeding with Kultursaat Association in Germany in 2017.  3 years in Germany working in vegetable seed production and biodynamic plant breeding.


Celina Cafferra Accountant and long-standing member of AABDA’s executive committee.


Diego Vergelin (Senior Member) Biodynamic Agriculture and Rural Development at Emerson College, Great Britain, completed in 1988.  Worked in Bolivia as plant breeding technician with quinoa producers association.  25 years experience, working on biodynamic farms in vegetable, fruit, and pasture cultivation, and cow and horse husbandry.  Founder and farmer of Inambú Farm in 2008.  Instructor since 2002 for AABDA’s training course in biodynamic agriculture.  Senior consultant for various projects throughout Argentina for AABDA.


Juan Martín Richter Graduated Agronomic Engineer from the National University of Buenos Aires in 2001, and receive his diploma in biodynamic agriculture from the Landbauschule of Dottenfelderhof, Germany, in 2004.  3 years working in Plant Breeding and Research at Dottenfelderhof and Gut Wulfsdorf.  Accredited inspector for Demeter International in South America, and senior consultant of AABDA.  Instructor since 2012 for AABDA’s training course in biodynamic agriculture.  From 2010 to the present, director of “La Choza” biodynamic farm cooperative.


Karen Albuja  President of La Abundancia Demeter Cooperative.  Head of the Seed Directorate in the Ministry of Agriculture of the province of Misiones.  Consultant for AABDA.


Liberal Hostier  Biodynamic seed farmer, educator, and gardening consultant in Tucuman province.


Lidia Isabel Getino Graduated in Economics with a specialization in management.  Diploma as Social Facilitator from Germinar of the Ecosocial Institute in Brazil.  She has worked as an accountant and administrative director for private and public institutions.  Currently she is professor at José C. Paz University and coordinates projects for social and economic development.  Member of the advisory council of AABDA.